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Dietary Supplements

Black Maitake is excellent sources of protein, minerals, vitamins, and fiber. Additionally, they supply beneficial bioactive compounds such as beta-glucans. Beta-glucans extracted from Black Maitake is scientifically proven to be highly effective for immune boost. Shogun Maitake is the black maitake extract dietary supplement manufacturer that:


Grows Maitake under the strictly controlled and safe environment

Extracts using the two-step extract method to warrant the purity

Guarantees proven amount of maitake extract for its potency.

Immune System and Immune Activity

“Immunity” plays a significant role in protecting the body from diseases and infections and it is a natural defensive function our bodies are equipped with. The immune system produces the immune response to defend the body from the foreign substances, cells, and tissues. It is a vital defense mechanism for protecting our bodies from “harmful non-self”. “Immunity” is truly the key for the future preventive healthcare.

Decline in Immune Activity

Immunity is said to reach its maturity at about 30 years of age, but thereafter, the potency of immune cell activity declines with age. The reason increasing numbers of people develop cancer in their 40s or later is possibly partly due to the decline in the immune system caused by aging. Stress is another great enemy of the immunity. Continued mental and physical stress will decrease your immunity. The immune system itself cannot be created with science. Therefore, the key focus is to IMPROVE and RECOVER the decreased immune activity.

How Black Maitake can boost your immune system

Black Maitake Extract consists of a complex structure of beta-glucans, that have immunomodulatory properties, that is, they can directly activate the immune system by stimulating macrophages, natural killer cells, T cells, and other white blood cells that are important. The specific beta-glucans carefully extracted from Black Maitake has long branching chains of sugars which results in the higher immunomodulating activity.

Black Maitake Synergy Extract™

Synergy Extract combines black Maitake extract with a multi-vitamin to enhance its bioavailability and promote daily health. Recommended 10mL per day on the liquid and 2 capsules per day for the capsules

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Black Maitake Prothera™

Prothera is based on the formula that has been used in numerous cancer studies. This product is recommended for practitioner use in clinics. Recommended dose is 400mh of extract per day for 30 days. Available in 14-day and 60-day formats.

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What To Consider When Choosing Maitake Extract

Factors that impact the quality of maitake extracts include growth conditions, extraction and purification processes, and a consistent content of active beta-glucans.

What is the maitake source?

Where your maitake comes from, how it is grown, and whether it is organic are all factors that impact the quality of the final product.

Does the maitake producer use good manufacturing practices (GMP)?

The maitake extract should be produced using GMP and rigorous protocols that ensure the optimal consistency, safety, and reliability of the product.

What extraction methods were used?

In hydrothermal extraction, the maitake is crushed, dried, and the resulting powder is extracted with hot water to make a simple extract, which is then dried again. However, extracts prepared using this single-step process contain impurities and can also have lower concentrations of beta-glucans. Hydrothermal-ethanol extraction is a two-step process that produces a purer product. This dual-extraction method can eliminate impurities that reduce the efficacy of the final product. The clinical trials described in this report use maitake extracts prepared using the two-step method.

Does the maitake have organic growing conditions?

The maitake mushroom is natively grown in Japan, China, and North America, found at the base of oak, maple, and elm trees.

Was the extract from fruiting bodies or mycelium?

Mycelium is embedded in the growth substrate, extracts prepared from mycelium can contain some of the substrate material, whereas extracts prepared only from fruiting bodies avoid these impurities.

Does the maitake extract contain active beta-glucans?

Large and highly branched beta-glucans are key ingredients when considering maitake extracts for their immune-boosting properties. Additionally, these beta-glucans are major factors in the anticancer effects of maitake.

Few Words From The Owner

We have the advantage of being able to manage everything from growing raw maitake mushrooms to manufacturing and selling supplements. In addition, many of the samples of maitake extracts used in maitake clinical trial data are what I have provided to each research institute in the past. We are proud to be at the forefront of the world in technology that maximizes the natural health properties of maitake. Forty-one years ago, I set my vision to develop stable mass production technology to supply high-quality maitake as a dietary supplement and for medical use. We confidently introduce you to the newly released supplements as an extension of my vision. As a supplier of high-quality maitake raw material to the world, we know everything about maitake from cultivation to dietary supplement production. We strongly believe that we will meet the expectations of our customers.

Yoshinobu Odaira

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