Experience the Magic of the Maitake Mushroom

A Tradition Crafted In The Heart Of Japan, Now Shared With North America

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The Delicacy of the Maitake Mushroom

Maitake mushrooms, whether cultivated or grown in the wild, are intensely flavored with a texture that even mushroom haters could get past. Maitake mushrooms do not have that squeaky texture, but rather a delicate and feathery texture. Most chefs would describe the Maitake mushroom as almost having leaves or feathers and all you really do is pull each little piece apart and sauté them, so no slicing is needed. Maitake mushrooms grow to be quite large, so in some instances you can slice off a chunk and cook it like a steak, either grilling or sautéing the slice whole. Maitake mushrooms are very versatile and can be sauteed on their own or added to dishes like pasta, risotto or eggs.

Health Benefits Of The Maitake Mushroom

So Much More Than Just a Rich Tasting Mushroom.

Lowers Blood Sugar

Research studies have shown that Maitake mushrooms may work to decrease insulin resistance thereby increasing insulin sensitivity.

Fights Cancer

The beta glucans in Maitake mushrooms help to activate and produce white blood cells called macrophages. Macrophages work in the body to ingest and destroy tumor cells. This can help to make chemotherapy more effective. Maitake mushrooms are also shown to lessen the side effects of anti-cancer drugs by decreasing nausea, vomiting, and hair loss.

Boosts Immune System

Maitake mushrooms contain a polysaccharide fiber called beta glucan. The beta glucans in Maitake mushrooms works to activate and increase production of certain immune system cells. These cells can help the immune system to more quickly and efficiently fight against illness.

Heart Health & Weight Loss

Eating Maitake mushrooms can help to decrease blood pressure levels, lower total cholesterol levels, and help maintain weight which can all help to promote heart health. The mushrooms are found to be low in calories and high in fiber which can increase satiety and feelings of fullness.

About The Shogun Facility

A State Of The Art Facility Perfected To Guarantee Exceptional Results.

The facilities of Shogun Maitake in London, Ontario were carefully designed to ensure that the mushrooms were grown in a safe and controlled environment. The result, is a Maitake mushroom which is free of pesticides and chemicals, and will exceed expectations in terms of taste, texture and freshness. Shogun Maitake uses state-of-the-art technology in order to replicate the natural growing conditions for Maitake mushrooms (mountains of northeastern Japan). This technology allows for the careful control and manipulation of humidity/temperature (and other factors) conditions to which factors) conditions to which the mushrooms are subjected. Shogun Maitake uses a proprietary growing process which was pioneered by our founder and CEO, Yoshinobu Odaira. This process was developed many years ago when others said that the artificial cultivation of Maitake mushrooms was impossible. Working day and night over the course of many months, Mr. Odaira was successfully able to develop a protocol which would allow for the mass production of Maitake mushrooms by replicating the changes seasons inside a factory setting.